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NHL Betting in New York

New York is one of multiple states presently debating online sports betting bills. If passed, there’s a great chance that online sports betting will be available in New York in 2020. Once that happens, expect plenty of NHL betting action as the state has two hockey franchises.

Find out more on NHL betting in NY, including the ways you can bet on games, the NHL odds offered by NY sportsbooks, and the local NHL teams in NY.

NHL betting in NY

Where to Bet on the NHL in New York

NHL betting is coming soon to New York. Presently, only seven casinos are licensed to offered online sportsbooks. Based on previous laws on land-based sports betting, we know the following casinos will be allowed to apply for sports betting licenses

  • Del Lago Resort & Casino
  • Resorts World Catskills
  • Rivers Casino & Resort Schenectady
  • Tioga Downs Casino

The state legislature is looking at multiple bills to legalize online sports betting, and this includes allowing Tribal casinos, state race tracks, and off-track betting sites to offer sports betting.

How to Bet on the NHL

When online sportsbooks finally launch in NY, there will be plenty of opportunities for NHL betting. Below are a few of the ways you can bet on NHL games, including the NHL playoffs and the Stanley Cup:

Moneyline – You only have to pick which team will win. Team with – NHL odds are the favorites and the odds listed is the amount of money you have to wager to win $100. For teams with + NHL odds, the odds listed is what you can win when betting $100.

Puck Line – This is the NHL’s version of a points spread. To win a bet on a team with + NHL odds, they must lose by less than or win by more than the stated line. For teams with – NHL odds, they have to win by more than the line. If the Islanders are -1.5, they have to win by more than two goals.

Totals – The sportsbooks will list a line for total goals scored, and you can bet the over or under.

Parlays – You’re betting on multiple teams at one time. You only win if all part of your bet come through. The NHL odds on Parlays can result in insane payouts when they hit.

In-Play Betting – This allows you to bet while NHL games are being played. Due to the changing conditions of the game, odds will vary wildly.

Futures – You’re betting on a future event in the NHL. Futures NHL betting ranges from who will win Rookie of the Year to who win the Stanley Cup.

NHL Teams in New York

New York has two NHL franchises, the New York Islanders and the New York Rangers. Both franchises have won four Stanley Cup titles, but both teams failed to make the playoffs last years. The Islanders bounced back in 2019 and are looking to become playoff contenders. The Rangers still have some rebuilding to do.

Regardless of the outlook for either team, expect plenty of NHL betting action on both the Rangers and the Islanders. If you’re not a fan of either franchise, no problem. NY sportsbooks, once launched, will offer NHL odds for every team and all games of the regular season, the playoffs and the Stanley Cup Finals.