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NFL Betting in New York

New York is on the short list of the states likely to fully regulate online sports betting. While not presently authorized, multiple bills are being considered by the state legislature that would legalize expanded sports betting.

Should these bills pass, we expect regulated online sports betting in NY sometime in 2020. When that happens, NFL betting will be center stage at NY sportsbooks. NY online sportsbooks will take bets on all NFL games, and give NFL odds on everything from the NFL draft to the Super Bowl. Discover more about the types of NFL betting you can expect to find and where you can bet on the NFL.

NFL Betting in NY

Where to Bet on the NFL in New York

New York passed a law in 2013 that legalized sports betting at commercial casinos. Additional legislation is needed to launch sports betting and to expand it online. However, under current laws, the following casinos are authorized to offer sports betting:

  • Tioga Downs Casino
  • Del Lago Resort & Casino
  • Resorts World Catskills
  • Rivers Casino & Resort Schenectady

New legislation being considered would potentially open up sports betting to state race tracks, off-track betting facilities, and Tribal casinos, so this list will likely grow at some point in the future.

How to Bet on the NFL

New York online sportsbooks will offer plenty of opportunities for NFL betting. Here are a few of the types of bets you’ll be able to place:

Futures – You’re betting on a future event in the NFL, such as which team will win the Super Bowl or who will win their division.

Points – This is a simple over/under bet based on the total points line for the game. It the Giants are playing the Washington Redskins, and sportsbooks have set a line at 46.5, you bet whether the total score will be over or under that line.

Points Spread – One of the most popular options for betting on the NFL, the team with – NFL odds are the favorite and must win by more than the line. The team with + odds are the underdog and can either win or lose by the line provided. If you bet the Jets at +4.5 against the L.A. Rams and Jets lose by 3, you win!

Moneyline – Want an easy option for NFL betting? This is it. This bet is a straight win/loss bet. How much you can win is determined by NFL odds given. For teams with + odds, the odds tell you how much you win for a $100 bet. For teams with – odds, the odds tell you how much you have to wager to win $100. If the Giants are +160 against the Philadelphia Eagles at -180, then Giants fans will win $160 for a $100 wager. Eagles fans must bet $160 to win $100.

Prop Betting – These are more exotic bets where you can bet on outcomes typically not dependent on who wins or loses. You can bet on anything from how many missed Field Goals the Giants will have in a game to how many interceptions the opposing team will have.

Parlays – Those looking to make big money at NFL betting often play parlays. You bet on multiple games at once to try and increase your overall earnings. The only way to win is for all bets on your ticket to come through. When parlays hit, they result in a nice payday. These bets can be among the most exciting in sports betting.

NFL Teams in New York

New York has two NFL franchises, the New York Giants and the New York Jets. The Giants are four-time Super Bowl Champions with the last coming in 2011. The team is presently in rebuilding mode due in part to the refusal to let go of aging quarterback Eli Manning.

The New York Jets only have one Super Bowl title, all the way back in Super Bowl III. They haven’t been to the playoffs since 2010. Things may be changing for the team soon. Rookie QB Sam Darnold is progressing in his development, and the team signed former Steelers RB Le’Veon Bell in the offseason, adding to optimism for the future.

Expect tons of action on both teams once NFL betting is launched in NY. You’ll be able to bet on all regular season and playoff games, as well as on other NFL teams and games around the league.