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NCAA Betting in New York

College athletics is big business for the NCAA, and it is also a popular form of sports betting. New York is in the process of regulating online sports betting, and we predict that NCAA betting and other forms of betting will be online by 2020.

Whether you’re a fan of an in-state school like Syracuse or an alumni of another out of state university, soon you’ll be able to place bets on your favorite college teams. Learn more about betting on NCAA sports, including which sportsbooks will by laying NCAA odds, and the types of bets you can place.

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Where to Bet on the NCAA in New York

While not presently legal, the New York legislature is working to legalize online sports betting and college athletics will be among the sports you can bet on. Once online sportsbooks are launched, NCAA betting is expected to be available at state-operated casinos as well as tribal casinos, race tracks, and off-track betting establishments.

A finalized list of where you can place bets is not yet available as legislation is still pending. However, we can tell you that you will only be able to bet at NY online sportsbooks while physically in the state. You will be able to bet on your home computer or any mobile device.

How to Bet on the NCAA

While many fans only focus on college football or March Madness, the reality is that NCAA sports are running year-round, giving you plenty of opportunities to bet on your favorite schools. Below are the types of bets available for NCAA games at NY sportsbooks.

Moneyline – You’re betting on who will win the game. Sportsbooks will give NCAA odds on a game, and those odds tell you how much you can win. Teams with + odds are underdogs, and the odds tell you what a $100 bet will win. Team with – odds are the favorite and the line provided is how much you have to wager to win $100. If Syracuse is +170 and wins against Duke in basketball, you win $170 in addition to your bet of $100.

Points Spread – A very popular bet in NCAA betting, you’re betting the margin of victory or loss in a game. Team with + NCAA odds can win or lose by less than the spread. Teams with – NCAA odds, have to win by more than the line given. If Army is -17 over Niagara, they have to win by 17.

Total Points – The classic over/under bet for total points scored in a game. If total points for a game is set at 150, you bet will be whether the score goes over or under.

Prop Betting – These bets are specialty bets that often have nothing to do with the results of a contest. Prop bets are not as popular for NCAA betting as other sports, with the exception being March Madness. An example of a prop bet would be how many fouls that a start player on Syracuse will make in an opening round game of the NCAA tournament.

Futures – Futures betting involves wagering on outcomes of future events, such as who will win the National Championship.

Will Betting on In-State Teams Be Allowed?

One key question facing NCAA betting in New York is whether bettors will be able to bet on in-state teams. New Jersey presently bans betting on in-state NCAA schools while Pennsylvania allows. The biggest concern by those opposing in-state NCAA betting is points shaving by players at in-state schools.

Present legislation being considered would allow for sportsbooks to offer NCAA odds on in-state schools. That way, you’ll be able to bet on Syracuse, Cornell, Army, or any schools offering NCAA athletics. The heaviest action will be during college football season and March Madness, but you should be able to bet on most NCAA sports.