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MLB Betting in New York

Major League Baseball is one of the oldest sports in America and has dedicated fans around the world. New York will soon offer online sports betting, and once launched, you’ll be able to bet for your favorite MLB team and on every game played during the regular season and playoffs.

Whether you’re new to MLB betting or an experienced bettor, you’ll find plenty of options for betting on baseball in New York. Learn about where you can bet, the MLB odds offered by NY sportsbooks and a little about New York’s MLB franchises.

MLB betting in NY

Where to Bet on the MLB in New York

MLB betting is coming to New York, and we predict online sportsbooks will open sometime in 2020. Based on legislation presently under consideration in the legislature, you should be able to bet at all state-run casinos as well as race tracks, off-track betting facilities, and even Tribal casinos.

New York sportsbooks will operate similar to New Jersey, meaning they will be ring-fenced. Only those physically in New York can bet at NY sportsbooks. We don’t know which companies will partner with NY casinos, but we expect companies like BetStars and William Hill will be among the providers offering MLB odds.

How to Bet on the MLB

MLB betting is popular due to the betting is more straightforward than other sports, and there are more opportunities to bet due to the long regular season. Check out the types of bets that will be available at NY sportsbooks.

Moneyline – This bet is popular due to its simplicity. You’re only betting the winner. Underdogs have + MLB odds and the odds listed is what you can win for a $100 wager. The favorite has – MLB odds, and the odds listed are what you have to wager to win $100. Betting the Mets at +180 means you win $180 on a $100 wager if they win.
Run Line – This is the MLB equivalent of the points spread. If the run line for the Yankees is -1.5, then they have to win by two runs. If you bet Mets at a +1.5 run line, they have to win or lose by one run.

Total Runs – This is baseball’s money line bet. It is a simple over/under bet. For example, if the total runs line for Yankees vs. Orioles is 5.5, you’ll bet the over or the under.

Prop Betting – Prop bets don’t rely on the outcome of the game. For example, you can bet on whether a player will be beaned during the game or the number of double plays executed by the Mets.

Futures – You are betting on a future event, such as who will win the Rookie of the Year or the World Series. MLB odds vary greatly, and some will place random bets on total longshots hoping for a miracle.

MLB Teams in New York

New York has two MLB franchises, the New York Yankees and the New York Mets. The Yankees are the most successful MLB franchise in history with 27 World Series titles. The Mets have not been nearly as successful but have two World Series titles.
The Yankees have made the postseason every year but four since 1995. The Mets last made the postseason in 2016. Expect the Yankees to continue to be playoff contenders while the Mets are in a rebuilding period.

Expect heavy MLB betting action on both teams with the Yankees taking the lion’s share of the action. Of course, if you prefer to bet on other teams, you’ll be able to do so as NY sportsbooks will give MLB odds on all teams and every game of the regular season, the postseason, and the World Series.