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No Decision Reached By Players In CBA Proposal

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NFLPA Board of Representatives decided to postpone a vote on the newly proposed Collective Bargaining Agreement

NFL Players Association Representatives elected not to vote on the newly proposed Collective Bargaining Agreement yesterday after it was approved by owners on Thursday. At this time, it is being reported that the NFLPA Reps will meet next week in Indianapolis to continue talks with league negotiators.

On Friday, the union’s executive committee did vote 6-5 in favor of rejecting the newly proposed CBA. However, the entire players’ union and its representatives could decide to vote on the CBA next week.

The Players’ Union released a statement yesterday that said “Today the NFLPA Board of Players Representatives did not take a vote on the principal terms of a proposed new collective bargaining agreement… Our player leadership looks forward to meeting with NFL management again next week before the board takes a vote shortly after.”

If the NFLPA chooses not to accept the proposed CBA, then the current deal will remain in effect until March of 2021, which means further negotiations will need to be held between players and NFL owners.

Some of the new rules under the proposed CBA include an expanded NFL season that only has three preseason games and 17 regular season games. Furthermore, the proposal would increase the number of playoff eligible teams to 14 from 12, with only one team from each conference earning a Bye week in the first round of the postseason.

The NFL Players’ Association expects talks to continue this coming Tuesday.

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