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New York Mets Betting

The New York Mets are one of two Major League Baseball franchises in New York. They are one of the first expansion franchises and the first expansion team to win a World Series. Since that time, the Mets have had sporadic playoff appearances.

If you’re looking to place some bets on the New York Mets, you’ll soon be able to do so at NY online sportsbooks. Learn more about this franchise, whether experts give the New York Mets odds of returning to the playoffs in 2019, and about New York Mets betting at New York sportsbooks online.

NY Mets betting

One of Baseball’s First Expansion Teams With Sporadic Playoff Appearances

The New York Mets were one of the first expansion teams in MLB history, formed in 1962 to become New York’s National League franchise. The team had losing records in their first seven seasons and then shocked the world by winning the 1969 World Series, earning the moniker “Miracle Mets.”

The team did not win the World Series again until 1986 when they defeated the Boston Red Sox in a classic seven-game series. The last time the team made the World Series was 2015 when they lost to the Kansas City Royals in five games.

The Mets have only made the playoffs three times since 2000 and the last two years finished with losing records. However, there is some hope that the team can turn things around in 2019 and make a return to the playoffs.

Outlook for 2019 and Beyond

The Mets made a big move in the front office, hiring Brodie VanWegenen as GM. They traded for J.D. Davis and Keon Brown during the offseason and shored up the team with some solid young talent. While the team is more well-rounded than in past years, the reality is that they are young and don’t have the talent of some of the top teams in the league.

Presently, experts only give the New York Mets odds of about 50 percent to win the NL East. However, they are expected to compete for the Wild Card. Based on the talent in the NL, we realistically see the team improving in 2019, but it may be a couple of years before they make a serious push for the playoffs.

Betting on the Mets at NY Online Sportsbooks

If you’re looking for New York Mets betting online, you’ll have to wait a while longer. While the NY state legislature is working on regulating online gambling, they are not there yet. We predict that online gambling will be legal and operational by 2020, at which point you will be able to bet on the Mets and all teams in Major League Baseball.

Whether you’re looking for New York Mets odds for the regular season, odds for futures, or even looking to place some prop bets on the team, you’ll find them all at New York online sportsbooks. Keep in mind that you will have to be in New York to bet on the Mets. If you want to make the game more exciting, then betting on the Mets at NY online sportsbooks is the way to go.