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Coronavirus Update (Part 11)

Updates from the Sports World regarding COVID-19.


-The MLB and the MLBPA have reportedly agreed to a deal that addresses salaries and service time now that the league is waiting for the Coronavirus Pandemic to dissipate. The league is reporting that no deal was made regarding when the season will start, but the agreement gives both sides flexibility towards a shared goal of playing a full season of baseball. The Commissioner’s Office will put together a schedule when the time is appropriate and the players’ union will be able to provide feedback on that schedule. However, the league is saying that there could be some alterations to the format of the 2020 postseason. The league had this to say regarding player payments, “… Players will, however, collect prorated service time based on the number of days on the roster or injured list. A regular year of service time is 172 days, so regardless of how many games are played in 2020, a player who is on the roster or IL for the entirety of the season will accrue 172 days of service time. In the absolute worst-case scenario of a canceled season, players will receive the same service time they did in 2019, which would allow players who are one year or less from free agency… to become free agents next fall no matter what. All suspensions of 80-or-fewer games will be served in 2020 if games are played. Should the season be canceled, those suspensions would not carry over to 2021.”


-The league is still contemplating finishing the regular season and staging the Stanley Cup Playoffs in its entirety. On Friday, the NHL Deputy Commissioner said, “I think as time has gone on, we’ve recognized we might have a bigger window than we had originally thought with respect to the summer months and when we have to finish things to be ready for a full regular season next year…” The NHL has told teams to make arenas available through the end of August.

-A second player on the Colorado Avalanche has tested positive for COVID-19. The team released a statement earlier today saying that the player is currently in self-quarantine. The Avalanche are reporting that no other players or team personnel have shown any symptoms of Coronavirus at this time.


-Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell have both been cleared of the Coronavirus. 15 days after the two Jazz players tested positive for COVID-19, the Utah Department of Health has cleared all of the team’s players and personnel of the Coronavirus. The team is saying that all players and Jazz personnel will continue to practice social distancing, as recommended by the NBA and the CDC.

-ESPN Analyst Doris Burke revealed that she tested positive for the Coronavirus yesterday on Adrian Wojnarowski’s podcast. She explained that she was tested for COVID-19 on March 17th and received her positive test results this past Wednesday. At this time, Burke has said she is asymptomatic.


-The NFL Draft will go on as scheduled and will still be televised, the league announced on Monday. The decision was explained by Commissioner Roger Goodell in a news release. He said the annual selection process will still be held from April 23rd to April 25th, but the league has said that all public draft-related events that were supposed to be held in Vegas will be canceled. wrote, “The league also said that it is currently exploring ‘innovative options for how the process will be conducted and will provide that information as it becomes available.'” The league said it intends to conduct the draft outside of team facilities and with enough technology to properly communicate with the NFL’s 32 teams.

Continue checking for updates regarding the Coronavirus Pandemic.

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